The development of mankind goes hand in hand with the development of agriculture. Increasing yields, plant resistance to negative factors, city farms are the basis for providing people with food in the modern world.

Garkagan works and tests solutions to increase seed and plant yields using sustainable methods.

The work done on soaking the seeds of cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce - gives an increase in germination by 20%, an increase in fruiting time by 15-25%, and also provide an increase in plant yield from 10 to 30%.

Also Garkagan is working on the creation and testing of fertilizers based on peat and mineral components with a prolonged, as well as a given action, which allows you to increase productivity, form and restore a fertile soil layer.

In addition to the problems of increasing yields, the issue of preserving the crop remains unresolved. So according to the UN, more than 50% of the grown crop and other food products are lost or spoiled.

Garkagan has found one of the possible ways to increase the preservation of fruits and vegetables using an environmentally friendly composition.